Q & A

Can we come visit? Yes. You are more than welcome to schedule a visit once puppies have reached 6 weeks old. Unfortunately, due to the high risk of parvovirus you would not be permitted into the kennel or nursery areas.

Do you vaccinate your pups? Yes we do. Our vaccination schedule is 4, 5, 7 and 9 weeks. It is very important that you continue with the pup's vaccinations when you get him or her home! Missing a shot can leave the door open to disease.

Do you vet check pups? No we do not. A Veterinarian office is full of disease coming and going. You will be responsible to have your new puppy seen by your veterinarian within 72 hours of possession.

Do you skip heat cycles? Yes we do. we get bigger and healthier litters this way. We schedule various breedings for when we have the time to spend with the pups.

Where are your pups raised? In our home. In order for a pup to be a good pet and companion, he must be raised in a home environment. They are used to all the daily household noises;talking,vacuum cleaner,phones and music. They are handled from birth on.

What age do you let pups leave at? Never before 9 weeks old. If you are someone that insists on getting a pup younger than that, please go elsewhere to buy one.

Do you always have pups for sale? No. We are a small set up and average about four litters every year. We believe quality not quantity is important.

Do you accept credit cards? Yes. Through PayPal.

Do you OFA your dogs? Nope, we do not. OFA is an x-ray exam of the hip sockets. There are estimates that as many as 85% of this breed will not pass an exam. Does this mean the dogs are crippled and cannot walk? No it does not. My dogs are all active with no limps to be found. This fact drives a lot of people nuts, especially those in other breeds. But it is a fact. If you want a Bulldog with all its character and traits,you must face this. Also you can mate two dogs that are OFA'd and have passed with flying colors and still get pups that are dysplastic. Hip displacia is far more complicated than just getting an OFA and breeding the cleared dogs. If that were the case, then so many of the breeds that are crippled by this, would be cleared and there would be no HD anymore. 

Why do breeders price their puppies differently? I Have never quite understood why various breeders price their puppies differently. We do not. We spend an equal amount of time with each puppy irregardless of what gender they are or if they are the largest or the smallest. All of our puppies are priced the same.

Do you ever have pups priced at a lower price? I get this one a lot. Someone wants a bully but doesn't want to pay for it. I understand that to a certain degree. Bulldogs are expensive. If you lived with me and spent the amount of time I do with my dogs, getting pups born, you would not ask this question. My prices are firm. I price them fairly. AND the people that want a cheaper bulldog still want one that is close to perfect. You cannot have it both ways. If you want a cheaper dog get one.

Will you take a pup back if I am unable to keep it? We will always take one of our dogs back no matter what the age or the reason. You will not get a refund but we do not want one of our dogs placed in a shelter or with a rescue group. You are strongly urged to be certain you are ready and able to commit your time, love and care for many years to come before you consider purchasing any pup. We feel as the breeders of your pup, we have a life long commitment to it.

What is your guarantee?  We guarantee a pup against serious life threatening or life altering genetic or congenital disease. Depending on the problem you will either get a replacement pup or the purchase/part of the purchase price will be refunded. We must have documentation from two separate vets and reserve the right to get a third opinion from our vet before any compensation will be given to you. We will also insist on seeing vet records for every procedure your dog has had. There are several things which we and every other Bulldog breeder to my knowledge consider breed related and not serious enough to warrant replacement or refunds. These include cherry eye, entropion, skin conditions other than generalized demodex. You are strongly urged to learn about this unique and unusual breed before purchasing one. We go to great lengths to produce healthy pups. Our guarantee is fair and protects you and us. If you are someone that insists that a living thing be perfect for all its life, then please go else where. I have a real problem  with people who buy a dog only for the guarantee. At the same time I understand your wanting a healthy pup with a guarantee. People who give up a dog because it has some Minor problems, should not own dogs.We cover the serious things. I understand that you are purchasing an expensive animal. But hopefully you are purchasing him to love for the rest of his life.

What is the buyer expected to provide?  You are expected to keep the dog in your home or in a properly equipped kennel. You are expected to provide preventative (shots,worming,etc...) vet care for the duration of his life. You are expected to provide proper diet and clean water. We strongly urge you to attend a puppy class or obedience training. All dogs should be taught the doo's and don't's of being a companion. Many dogs are euthanised each year because the owners failed to teach it how to be a canine good citizen. If your dog comes with limited registration you will be expected to spay or neuter. You are expected to know how and understand the do's and don't's of this breed.

Are your dogs registered? Yes we have AKC registered dogs. Many people believe that only AKC papered dogs are quality. The dog's papers are no guarantee that the dog is quality. The breeder makes a dog not the papers. Papers only tell you if a dog is purebred, nothing else.

What is limited registration? If you are purchasing a puppy strictly for a companion, he/she will be sold to you with his papers but they will be limited. This means that your dog cannot be shown in AKC breed exhibitions nor can any offspring ever be registered. You will be expected to spay/neuter the dog. If you are looking for a dog that can be bred,you must be honest so that we can be sure you get one that can be bred as well as provide the correct papers. Breeding this breed is not for amateurs. They require  c-sections, nearly all males must be collected they are not excellent moms and many pups are hand reared on a bottle(can you say serious sleep deprivation?) These are the reasons that bullies cost so much. We strongly discourage anyone with dollar signs in their eyes and ideas about how they will be rich to think again.

Do you show your dogs? No. Showing is not for everyone. It requires a lot of time and it is expensive. At this point, we do not have that time. We do keep up with what is desirable in the show ring and watch several Akc shows each year.

Why do you breed dogs? We adore these dogs. We find great joy in producing healthy puppies that bring years of joy to people. I have several hobbies but find this one brings me the greatest joy. Our dogs are all spoiled and well taken care of. Each is given attention and love.Each is a family member before anything else. I also think that others should have the privilege of owning this fantastic breed without having to pay thousands for champion dogs. I find most people want a pet to love. While we take great care and pride in the quality of our pups, we place more emphasis on health and temperament than some.We can and do produce dogs that would do just fine in the ring but our main goal is not our next champion.

Will you notify me when you have a litter? I generally do not email each individual person that is interested in a puppy. We do offer our email notification list for you to be placed on and notified of new litters born.

Are your pups house broken? No. It takes weeks and sometimes months for a  pup to be totally trained. Further more, a pup is not physically capable of holding it until they are 5-7 months of age. We begin to instill clean habits but our pups are in no way fully house broken.

What are the pros and cons of owning this breed?  Bulldogs are good pets and kid friendly. They rarely dig or bark. They are calm and mostly mellow. They are happiest with their owners and want to please them. You could not ask for a better buddy. They look scary so strangers will think twice if they have mischief on their minds. Unlike some other protective breeds tho, the chances are excellent that a Bulldog will never cause a lawsuit. They do shed some, slobber when they drink and break wind regularly. They also snore, loudly. If you are a light sleeper, have your bully sleep in another room!! Also have cans of air freshener readily available through out your home.

Do you make your living off of dogs? No. My husband is disabled and I work from home. When I worked away from home it was in the animal industry. We raise dogs for the joy and love of the breed. If we needed money, we certainly would not choose to raise dogs!! And especially not this breed!!

I e-mailed you my questions and you told me to come here why? I have put hours into this site. I did it so your questions could be answered honestly and accurately. Please read this site before you email your questions. If you find one I missed or is unclear, I will happily answer them. I find that lots of people merely view the picture pages. If we have failed to answer any of your questions, EMAIL us with them!!