The demand of the Bulldog has its ups and downs.  For this reason deposits are taken sometimes up to six months from the birth of a litter. Our deposits are $500.00 and are non refundable but may be transferred to the next upcoming litter, should you not find a puppy in the litter that your deposit is being held. Under no circumstances will the deposit be returned so please make sure that your commitment to a puppy has been thought through very carefully. You are reserving a puppy from a litter therefore we are also turning away potential parents with your deposit on our list. Your deposit can only be transferred twice. After that you will no longer have a place or a deposit.

What to expect after placing your deposit.

Depending on the time frame, you may have a small wait until the female has her litter or you may be putting a deposit on a current litter. Deposits are listed in the order they are received. You will be told when placing your deposit where your deposit will fall on that litter or litters.
As soon as the puppies are born, I will get the puppies posted on our nursery page within 24 hours. I will also be sending out a litter notification so that you will know that the litter you have placed a deposit on has been born.
At SIX weeks of age , you will need to come to pick your puppy!! This is always an exciting time! Not only will you get to meet your puppy, but you will also be able to meet the other new puppy parents in your litter. Quite a lot of my puppy parents are now friends with the other parents they met during this journey and remain friends on social media, sharing pictures of their puppies/dogs, for years to come. We will start with the first person on the deposit list and work our way down the list. When everyone is finished we will then announce the picks and you are welcome to stay and play with your puppy. This visit is encouraged unless you would like us to pick or you would like to pick via pictures posted on the website.  Why do we wait until week six to do puppy pick? Unlike a lot of other breeds,  Bulldogs each have a different personality, especially within a litter. These personalities develop between 6-10 weeks and we watch them very closely during this time and make notes so that you can make an informed decision on puppy pick day to get the puppy that you and your family will be happy with for a lifetime. If by chance you do not find the right puppy for you or your family this day, your deposit can be moved to the NEXT AVAILABLE LITTER where you will be placed appropriately depending on other  deposit if any already placed.

Week 7-8 We will schedule pick up or delivery of your puppy. Pick ups will be by appointment only so that we have a good amount of time to go over the medical record and puppy pack, and to answer any questions you may have about your new baby.  If you should decide to have your puppy delivered, it is  a $75.00 charge up to a 4 hour drive. If you are further away we can quote you a price.  We are always available for your questions or concerns for the life of your puppy, so free to call us anytime, especially in the first few days and months when you are learning with your puppy! If you have any questions about our deposits or would like to make a deposit on a current or upcoming litter, please give us a call.

At nine weeks of age your puppy is ready to go home.

DO NOT purchase a Bulldog if you cannot give them a lot of attention and treat them as one of the family. Bulldogs thrive on human companionship and do not cope well when ignored or mistreated. This goes for any type of animal you might be considering as a pet.
By sending a deposit you are implying that you are ready, willing and able to purchase a pup and all that entails. Be certain you are before sending any money.
Because we are a very small operation with a very limited amount of pups, you may need to wait to get a pup. If you are someone that is impulse buying, please go else where.
 Keep an eye on this site for upcoming litters.
The deposit may be paid by a postal money order, PayPal, or Cash
The remaining balance on a pup must be by cash,unless other arrangements have been made.NO personal checks will be excepted. 
Once again, by sending a deposit you are implying that you have read this and agree to purchase a pup. It is a binding contract. If we are hand delivering your pup via airplane we ask that the cost of delivery is paid as soon as possible in order to get the best prices, prior to delivery. Once reservations are made the delivery money is non refundable. If we are meeting you, the delivery money can be paid at the time of possession. 
There is a reason our address is not on the page. I want to talk to you before you send a deposit. You can get our mailing address and or Paypal address by emailing  or calling us.